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  • Identify your identity, Prioritize your priorities      
  • Live your life, Don’t analyze it
  • Humor is contagious and necessary
  • Simplify, not complicate
  • Everything you experience is useful. It is never a waste of time
  • Think of an idea to change the world and put it into action   
  • Cherish your network. They are more valuable than you think
  • Think big. Think creative. Think success. Say I will. Dare 2 Dream!

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 I was at the TED Talks event and wanted to thank you for the VERY inspirational talk you gave! I have visited Kidstreet that you founded with my two sons. What a fantastic park! And you carried the Olympic Torch! Gosh, it doesn’t get any cooler than the Olympic Torch! You are a very incredible person. Whatever comes your way, you keep going. (From an attendee at TED Talks).

 Earlier this summer I heard Larry Jacobs. Larry is an amazing individual who teaches and is a motivational speaker. The incredible thing about Larry besides his most dynamic personality is the fact that he has been deaf since birth! Believe me, this gentleman, and his wife Laura, an educational training coordinator, are both well-educated with incredibly appropriate speaking manner…nice diction. (From Univ of Toledo police administrator).

 Since I heard your TED Talk, I just cannot forget you. I’m not kidding. I looked for you on YouTube so my son could listen to you, because he seems lost and he has procrastinated. Your inspiration is motivating. (From a Johnson & Johnson employee).

I just watched your talk on a worldwide video production. So inspiring. I am not surprised that you are already receiving offers to speak at other events. I have never met you in person, but I feel I have. I heard you were the highlight of the day, which is high praise considering the caliber of speakers you were speaking with. (From a consultant to pharmaceutical companies).


 YOU CHANGED MY LIFE!! Thank you Larry for your quote: “Simplify the Complicated.” It is so refreshing to observe you in action. You inspired me, thank you. You are so animated, you touched my heart. It was just what I needed. May God reward you. (From a teacher).

 Larry’s presentation received the highest rated evaluation from all four national conferences given by the Corporate Colloquium, all held at Caesar’s in Atlantic City, NJ. The American Council on Education staff were impressed. His speech was by far the best one. Larry should go national. It was great, very entertaining. We needed that. His sense of humor swept us. His messages were well taken. As a result, Larry received an award for his Keynote at the National Corporate & Higher Education Colloquium. He presented an interactive seminar on Career Development in the Realities of Tomorrow. He emphasized that people need to be “Problem-Solvers,” and offered creative strategies. (From Conference Chair, Office of Corporate-Higher Education Programs).

 On behalf of the Department of Education and the Office of Special Education Programs, you were a resounding success as our Keynote for our ‘Reach Out, Speak Out: Achieving Empowerment Conference.’  (From a director of NJ Dept of Education).

Larry Jacobs was at our high school this morning and presented to our entire student population with over 600 in total. Larry gave a lively and captivating presentation. The students were engrossed in what he had to say, and they’ve been talking about it all week. (From a Principal of a school district).

 Larry Jacobs instilled in me a feeling of excitement, adventure, and motivation about my job search. He possesses the keen ability to draw information out of people, helping them to focus on their strengths, and relinquish any defeating mindsets, and move forward in their journey. (From a director of a non-profit agency).

 Larry Jacobs is an inspiration to all he meets and touches with his very positive outlook on life. His courage and accomplishments he achieved in spite of his hearing loss is the very best example of tact, diplomacy, and a fantastic sense of humor. I learned creative job search strategies from him, had 2 interviews from companies that I met at two job fairs that Larry told me about, and received two offers! I am 51 years old, divorced, out of work for over a year, in a rut, very down on myself, but now feel motivated to go on, all because of Larry Jacobs. (From an attendee at a conference).

UNIVERSITY feedback:

By far the best presenter I’ve ever heard, the best professor I’ve ever had, and you have changed the way I look at a lot of things !

 Larry did a wonderful job entertaining us as well as educating us! Presenters who speak intimately with audiences are hard to find. I’ve never encountered a presenter with so much enthusiasm and drive. I must admit, it was quite contagious, a task not easy to accomplish in the middle of a hot July day.

Professor Jacobs has given me new-found motivation and determination. I will remember fondly for the rest of my life.

 I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop because of the high energy you provided us. I actually gained a new sense of confidence. I appreciated your action plans for us, outlining steps we might take, including asking us what transferable skills we have to bring with us in our future endeavors.  

 Thank you so much for being an absolute inspiration. You managed to inspire me and get me through a quite difficult time in my life. I really can’t tell you how much I appreciate your positive outlook and your love for the students you teach. It was a pleasure getting to know you.

 The humor Jacobs is able to incorporate is encouraging, motivating, and inspiring! The seminar’s greatest asset is Jacobs’ enthusiasm and passion.