About Dare2Dream with Video clips

Let’s Get Motivated!  Simplify the Complicated.

The Coolest Talk for a Good Life!  Find your Wow Factor to make a difference with your life & career!

LARRY JACOBS,  Professor of Possibilities!  Communicate, inspire, uplift!  JacobsDare2Dream is high in energy, interaction & musical. He speaks of HOPE and The Power of Your Positive Attitude, his true life story, and how to make a difference in your life, with strategies to succeed. A TED Talks speaker, he simply reminds you to just be the authentic You.

Go to a Larry program, try to sit down and be quiet.  He dares you.  He makes it impossible. You will laugh. You will be inspired for sure. You will interact, and walk away with a vision of what is possible for you, with an action plan, and with more faith & belief. Yes!

Over Half a Million people and counting, ranging from students to adults, filling the audience to watch Larry stepping onto the stage with music, who happens to be deaf, work the room in a way that makes it feel like he is speaking personably to you!

Email best2ulj@gmail.com

He is available to speak at your company, school, organization, or retreat.

Dare2Dream:  The Power of Your Positive Attitude!

HOPE Changes Everything! ‘The Power of Your Positive Attitude’ is a high energy program, highlighting your endless benefits of being confident and making an impact!


Topics presented at Talk:

  • Apply tools of humor, positivity, problem solving to rejuvenate yourself. Attitude is Everything. See the big picture, adjust & appreciate. Say ‘Hello Happiness!’

  • Take an idea to change your community & the world. Take a risk, map out an action plan, develop strategies to produce results!
  • You can make the difference in your own life.  An Exercise given called The Wheel of HOPE helps assess where you are now, and where you want to be

  • Clarifying Disabilities.  How inclusion drives innovation.  How to overcome adversity.

  • Larry shares his story of how he journeyed to today! What is your story? Your Wow Factor? What is your Unique Selling Point, your presentation style?

  • Walk away with Amazing strategies. How to translate your passion into networking, winning interviews, targeted resume, and get your dream job

Another Dare2Dream program:  Contact LAURA JACOBS as a Speaker!  Laura is a Director, Trainer in Education & Outreach, Professor of Public Speaking & Communications. 

Laura speaks on:

  • How to handle Adversity, Special Needs,
  • How to  work with Brain Injury, Concussions
  • Safety program and exercises for both Seniors & for Children

Make it happen …. Now!  For scheduling availability please reach out at best2ulj@gmail.comSee you soon!